Best Job for Mom

There still remains a limited amount of job opportunities out there.  Though many remain optimistic, the frustration of not being able to land that every elusive outstanding job, has many more dropping out of the job market entirely.  Thousands have returned to school to finish that degree, attend trade schools to change careers or find new ways to reinvent themselves entirely.

Regardless of all these efforts, with millions of jobs just gone, who knows how long it will be until they are replaced? As companies downsized, their remaining staff became more over worked than ever before. Those who kept their jobs have seen increased hours, heavier workloads, and have been asked to working off the clock.  Feeling grateful for their jobs, employees resist complaining and employers get away with it. The result, companies have learned to consolidate workloads, increasing efficiency and do without hiring.

Another question is will there be jobs for the countless who have gone back to school? Despite the ever increasing level of educated applicants out there, this education is only as useful as there are employers who are seeking this.  So what are the options?

Without companies that are willing to hire in large quantities, the other option to consider is to go out on your own. Start your own business.  If you have skills or an idea that fulfills a need, there is an opportunity.

If you are skilled and have any work experience, there is always room for you in the world of self-employment.  Whatever your skills may be, they can be utilized, even virtually.  For example,  if you have experience in business administration, you can find opportunities that exist in cyberspace. Experience in sales, marketing, writing, technology and customer service can lead to a consulting business.

These are great for working moms who are looking for a way to have a more flexible life and greater work/life balance and for unemployed and stay-at-home moms who are looking to supplement the family income.  If you find yourself unemployed or overworked and overwhelmed, consider going the virtual route.  Whether you are looking to move your career in a new direction or build clientele to eventually transition away from your existing job and on your own, this is an option worth considering.

There are several sites that can help you find virtual opportunities, these include Elance, Guru and oDesk.  These sites allow you to set yourself up as a freelancer and bid on projects posted by companies looking for outsourced services.  This is a great way to get your name out there and begin building your portfolio.

1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed

1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed – Yahoo! News.

This article raises some questions about the way society has glorified education. No longer will an education guarantee and job.

7 Things Stay-At-Home Moms Want You to Know

7 Things Stay-At-Home Moms Want You to Know | Work + Money – Yahoo! Shine

This link is great! I know there are many more things that stay-at-home moms would like to say to the rest of the world, especially those who think their roll is not as important or not as difficult as “the rest” of the “working” world.

Working Moms v. Stay at Home Moms?

Hilary Rosen’s criticism of Ann Romney this week brings to light once again the tension felt between working moms and stay at home moms. Rosen condescendingly told Romney that she didn’t have a right to consult her husband on the state of the economy because she, hasn’t worked a day in her life. Rosen’s comments have sparked a debate that included the First Lady’s twitter comments in support of all mothers and their choices.

As a working mother who has transitioned to a stay at home mom, I very clearly understand the plight of both. Many young mothers don’t have the option to stay at home to care for their kids. A dual income is sometimes absolutely necessary to just make ends meet. Many other women do have the option to stay at home and raise their children. These choices are private and are often not made without serious and prayerful consideration and discussion between family members and even close friends.

Both working moms and stay at home moms both often have internal struggles with their roles.  Working mothers face internal guilt with negative messages coming from all aspects of society. Many stay at home moms have internal fears and guilt as well.

No matter where you are working, being a mother is not an easy job. With only so much time in the day, mothers are always working regardless. To think that a mother who “works at home” or “works outside of the home” makes a woman more intelligent, aware or not, is an incredibly naive notion.

We all have to make tough choices throughout our lives. Some choices are made for us. Some choices are right for our lives at the time, and some are not. It is these choices that makes us unique and formulate the path that we choose for our lives.

Embracing motherhood and being the best mother you can be no matter what your ‘working’ status is the real message.  Some of us have had the opportunity to be both. Some of us have had to be working mom and working dad. Regardless, of your situation, we all work hard and we all want credit for the work we do, no matter what.

Welcoming Transition

As a mom in “transition” I find myself constantly in a state of flux.  Change seems to be the theme and rolling with that change means never being quite settled.  I am one of millions of the jobless in this country that are transitioning between being employed to unemployed and hopefully employed once again.  This period has been full of fear and a whole lot of uncertainty.

With millions of jobs simply gone, what does it mean for those who have spent years on a seemingly obvious career path?  What is the future for those who can not break back into their previous careers?

Many have turned to entrepreneurship, and many others still diligently search for a way back into their previous career.  Thousands have returned to school to pick up where they left off, finishing bachelor’s degrees, attending trade schools and going for advanced degrees in an effort to make themselves that much more marketable than that next guy.

I’ve met countless Real Estate, Mortgage and Finance professionals who have moved on to gain Insurance licenses, an industry that has been dubbed “recession-proof”.  Sales, Marketing and Public Relations professionals have reinvented themselves as consultants, teachers and writers.

So many seek to reinvent themselves in order to find a new niche to make their own.  Utilizing business savvy, education and pure instinct, they seek new ways of generating income and building lost self esteem.

This period of transition has not only taken me through the cycle of mourning my lost career, income and health insurance, but it has also lead me to question the entire direction my life is headed in.

As I continue through my transition toward places unknown, there are some things that I have been able to welcome through my transition from working professional to unemployed stay-at-home mom.  In the coming weeks I will chronicle the wanted and unwanted along with the tough choices and the hidden blessings of this transition called unemployment.

Viva Las Vegas!



We have relocated here to North Las Vegas where everything is foreign to myself and my family. I have lived in California for 40 years and never lived outside of the Golden state before. So, this is an even bigger transition than could have been imagined!

The move was much like any other, exept we had to do it all in one trip. That was definitely a challenge because we weren’t sure how big of a truck we would need. Looking back, we should have gone bigger, since we did have to leave some items behind.

Since this is our new home, there will be so much to learn, see and experience here in the Las Vegas valley. Join me as Savvy Metro Mom learns all there is about this beautiful desert city.