Welcoming Transition

As a mom in “transition” I find myself constantly in a state of flux.  Change seems to be the theme and rolling with that change means never being quite settled.  I am one of millions of the jobless in this country that are transitioning between being employed to unemployed and hopefully employed once again.  This period has been full of fear and a whole lot of uncertainty.

With millions of jobs simply gone, what does it mean for those who have spent years on a seemingly obvious career path?  What is the future for those who can not break back into their previous careers?

Many have turned to entrepreneurship, and many others still diligently search for a way back into their previous career.  Thousands have returned to school to pick up where they left off, finishing bachelor’s degrees, attending trade schools and going for advanced degrees in an effort to make themselves that much more marketable than that next guy.

I’ve met countless Real Estate, Mortgage and Finance professionals who have moved on to gain Insurance licenses, an industry that has been dubbed “recession-proof”.  Sales, Marketing and Public Relations professionals have reinvented themselves as consultants, teachers and writers.

So many seek to reinvent themselves in order to find a new niche to make their own.  Utilizing business savvy, education and pure instinct, they seek new ways of generating income and building lost self esteem.

This period of transition has not only taken me through the cycle of mourning my lost career, income and health insurance, but it has also lead me to question the entire direction my life is headed in.

As I continue through my transition toward places unknown, there are some things that I have been able to welcome through my transition from working professional to unemployed stay-at-home mom.  In the coming weeks I will chronicle the wanted and unwanted along with the tough choices and the hidden blessings of this transition called unemployment.


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