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Savvy Metro Mom is a collection of tips, tricks, stories and lessons learned in an eclectic journey through the eyes of a middle-class “metro suburbia” mom.

These are the real stories of life for the rest of us!

Savvy Metro Mom’s goal is to educate, enlighten, challenge and learn from others who have experienced life’s funny and sometimes not so funny ways of guiding our paths.

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How Did I End Up Here?

I had been working in technology marketing for 15 years making my way up the proverbial ladder of success, when the so-called, “dot-com bubble” burst.  As a middle manager, who had only seen progressive success in my career, I found myself laid off.  Like so many of my colleagues, I decided to pursue a career at consulting and freelance writing.

However, as marketing budgets shrank, so did the opportunities for marketing consultants.  I took whatever work I could. With two young children and freshly separated from my husband, I was in a desperate situation.  I pushed through those years with a lot of soul-searching and prayer. After 3 years of picking up contract work, relying on unemployment, welfare to work programs, food stamps and even living in a transitional housing program for single mothers things finally began to improve.

Through a former colleague, I landed a new in-house position as a marketing manager. This time, working for a small business in the home technology market, I wore many hats. I built on my previous work experience and gained even greater skills. I enjoyed 3 years of steady employment and truly loved my work.

This position did not come without its ugly side.  Desperate to hold on and provide for my kids, my job would soon consume an excessive amount of my time, leaving little left for myself or my family. Those were dark days.  In January 2009, I became one of millions to be laid off. Once again, I was in familiar territory. This time, I looked to change careers. For the second time in 10 years, marketing dollars were being slashed and I was one of the many victims of corporate belt-tightening.

Now, 3 years later, I am still in transition.  I have seen countless stories of the “great recession,” women and men out there just like me.  Educated, experienced,  with connections now seeking to reinvent themselves!  We are much wiser, simplified and moving in a new direction. We are mothers, sisters, friends.  Never before has there been more personal change!

I want to hear from you. How have you learned to cope? What creative ways are you using to save money? How are you reinventing your self? Your career? Are you starting a business? What lessons have your kids learned through all this? Let’s talk!