Women in Business [infographic]

I love Infographics and hope you like this one about women in business.

Women in Business [infographic].


Mother’s Day: Mothers Want Tech

Mothers Day is This Weekend…What Do You Really Want?

Flowers, cards, a phone call? What do you usually get for Mother’s Day? What do you usually get your mom?  Recent research shows moms rarely get what they want…Technology.   Take a look at this infographic and let me know what you REALLY want for Mother’s Day, and how will you let those who love you know your desires!

Mother’s Day Infographic: Mothers Want Tech.

7 Things Stay-At-Home Moms Want You to Know

7 Things Stay-At-Home Moms Want You to Know | Work + Money – Yahoo! Shine

This link is great! I know there are many more things that stay-at-home moms would like to say to the rest of the world, especially those who think their roll is not as important or not as difficult as “the rest” of the “working” world.