Working Moms v. Stay at Home Moms?

Hilary Rosen’s criticism of Ann Romney this week brings to light once again the tension felt between working moms and stay at home moms. Rosen condescendingly told Romney that she didn’t have a right to consult her husband on the state of the economy because she, hasn’t worked a day in her life. Rosen’s comments have sparked a debate that included the First Lady’s twitter comments in support of all mothers and their choices.

As a working mother who has transitioned to a stay at home mom, I very clearly understand the plight of both. Many young mothers don’t have the option to stay at home to care for their kids. A dual income is sometimes absolutely necessary to just make ends meet. Many other women do have the option to stay at home and raise their children. These choices are private and are often not made without serious and prayerful consideration and discussion between family members and even close friends.

Both working moms and stay at home moms both often have internal struggles with their roles.  Working mothers face internal guilt with negative messages coming from all aspects of society. Many stay at home moms have internal fears and guilt as well.

No matter where you are working, being a mother is not an easy job. With only so much time in the day, mothers are always working regardless. To think that a mother who “works at home” or “works outside of the home” makes a woman more intelligent, aware or not, is an incredibly naive notion.

We all have to make tough choices throughout our lives. Some choices are made for us. Some choices are right for our lives at the time, and some are not. It is these choices that makes us unique and formulate the path that we choose for our lives.

Embracing motherhood and being the best mother you can be no matter what your ‘working’ status is the real message.  Some of us have had the opportunity to be both. Some of us have had to be working mom and working dad. Regardless, of your situation, we all work hard and we all want credit for the work we do, no matter what.